Privacy policies


Last updated: May 10, 2020

This policy was written to the best of our ability at the current stage of product development.

It is subject to change at any time, and we will notify you about major changes via email.

Also, the code of this app and its CLI are open source.

What this policy covers ?

This policy covers the data Journapi ("we") collect about you ("user"), what we do with it, why we collect it and how you can access it.

What this policy don't cover ?

We don't cover the privacy policies of the external services we use in order to offer you a great experience on Journapi.

The only external services we use are Google Analytics and Notion.

What information do we collect about you?

We collect the informations you provide to Journapi, your name and email and bullets. Your password is obviously encrypted.

How do we use the data we collect about you?

We are only using the data in order to operate the product.

The bullets you are writing are parsed by our server each time it is saved to parse the URLs and get OpenGraph data about it. This process is completely automated and we don't keep an eye on this.

Do we share your information with other organizations?

No. We will never do that.

Does your website use cookies?

Yes, we use cookies to store informations about the interface components and authentication so you can use the "Remember me" checkbox.

What happens if you end the service?

You will be receiving your data and the instructions to self-host the service.

As this service is already open source, you can already do it.